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Sunday, January 23, 2011

What Happens Now in Publishing?

Ok, so I mentioned Caitlin, my agent, was targeting about 12 editors to send my manuscript to.  Here's what that means.

When an agent "targets" and editor, typically someone they know in the business who they've either worked with before or know they're interested in your kind of book, they basically query them much like you did to get the agent.  Only now, hopefully, the query's more polished, and coming from a professional in the industry and most importantly, a trusted source.

That's why it's hard to get published without an agent.  They know people, and those people know them.  They've been networking with editors, mentioning your project even in its early stages, and setting the groundwork of excitement with the various editors to get them to want to see your book.

BUT - you're also your own agent as well.  When you go to conferences, if you meet up with editors AND you have an agent, they're more willing to listen to your pitch, even if it's while standing around the bar or the dinner table.  Why?  Because they know someone else has listened to your pitch and is excited about it.

So when I met several agents at my last SCWBI conference, I asked them if my agent could send them a copy when it's ready, and they all said yes.  That makes the agent's job easier, because they can say "my client met you at xyz conference".

End result?  Of the 9 editors Caitlin pitched the story to or talked to, 8 said they'd love to read it, and as of right now have it in their hot little hands.  One refused saying they already have a time travel piece in their arsenal, so they don't want to create competition within themselves.  That happens.

Caitlin also gave them a month to look at it - so I won't expect to hear anything until March.  Definitely don't want to rush editors, however if it catches on and one editor likes it, I can bet the other editors will hurry it up if it seems to be a hot property (which I'm OPTIMISTIC it will be!)

So now, as Caitlin suggested at the end of her note, I need to just "put it out my mind".  Forget about it for a while.

Easier said than done, that's for sure!

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