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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Don't Edit Where You Write

My opinion, but for what it's worth - I don't like editing where I write. They're two different mindsets, and for that I like to have two different locations.

See, I'm getting ready to edit my manuscript some more, and thus I'm ok laying back on the couch with my Irish Setter's nose in my face. I'm fine with that, because I already know the story and I'm looking for nit-picky things. Even content and all I can focus on while there are distractions around me.

But writing and original manuscript? Forget it. My favorite location would be an isolation chamber like in Altered States. I want headphones on, music blasting, and the entire world shut off.

Stephen King wrote that he thought he would write best with an inspirational window in front of his desk overlooking the serene forest and the beautiful landscape.

He scrapped it and moved his desk to a dark corner of the house underneath the stairs.

When I'm writing the original manuscript, I'm taking notes on a movie that's playing in my head, transcribing what I see at a breakneck pace (I type around 74 words per minute, so I'm lucky). I don't have time to stop and answer questions from kids, shoo the cat away, or wipe off the dog slobber on my keyboard. Having to deal with all that can only lead to frustration and anger. So I write when the kids are in bed, in my office with the doors closed, and headphones on playing anything by James Horner, John Williams, or Thomas Newman. Soundtracks provide the soundtrack to my story.

However, that's what works for me. What works for you is up to you. But I'd love to hear about other writing caves!

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  1. I crave a writing cave. I write in my family room when the house is empty (a rarity) or when everyone is sleeping. My writing "chair" is pictured on my blog. I prefer writing to music, but mostly to block other things out.

    I like to print out (sorry trees...I re-use both sides and recycle, though!) my writing to edit. It provides a focus that I just don't get when reading on screen.

    I'm wondering how many WPM I type. Probably no where close to 74.

    *googles WPM test site*


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