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Monday, May 10, 2010

Story Review - Iron Man 2

I'd say Film Review, but for the purposes of this blog, and to appeal to all you fellow authors, we're interested in story, right?  I mean, we're not going to be too concerned with lighting, special effects, direction, etc.  Heck, we control all of that but we're totally reliant upon our readers to interpret it, build the stage, and roll the cameras.

So, here's a review on the Story that Iron Man 2 presents.

Ok, for those who missed the first one, go watch it because it was awesome.  For those who have, here's what I have to say about the story:

1)  Plot - pretty good.  Not too intricate with a lot of twists and turns, just a good guy vs. bad guy.  Gotta have that simplicity for what Hollywood calls a Tent-pole film, right?  Too complex and you turn off the teens.  Anyway, straight ahead plot.

2)  Characters - Very good for the most part, but some were a bit thin.  They gave Tony Stark a lot more to worry about, and a good past that many people will associate with.  That rounded him out from being just a paper-thin "I've got everything so what could be wrong" superhero.  As for the antagonist, I like that they paralleled his story with Tony's in terms of fighting based on father/son relationships.  Again, a very approachable story that we can all relate to.  He was evil enough that you wanted him dead, but had a reason for being evil so that you had some sympathy.  That's critical for a good villan.  Too evil and he becomes unbelievable.  Give him a little backstory, and he becomes more real, which, of course, allows you to hate him more.

On the thin side, the supporting characters were pretty cement-like.  They all seem to have one characteristic (worried, amused, annoyed, etc.) and therefore felt a bit thin.  A common approach to secondary characters in film, because you just don't have the time to show the backstory or give the third dimensions to EVERYONE.  Especially for something as fast paced as this.

3)  Story line - Exciting, moved along at a good pace.  There were only a few scenes that slowed things down a bit, but for the most part the story moved from point A to B to C well - everything was connected, made sense, and progressed nicely.

Now, remember, this IS a comic book adaptation, so I'm not going to judge the story for its realism.  Sure, Tony creates a new element in his basement in a matter of a fifteen second montage, but it was necessary for the story, so I don't mind.  Suspension of belief is a requirement anytime you watch a comic-book story.

The important thing was that there were no sudden, sharp turns that made you say "huh?".  It all seemed to flow, which is important in story telling.  If your reader has to flip back several chapters to understand how the heck this guy got there, or why they're discussing whatever they're discussing, THEY'RE NOT READING ON!  And many people will put down a book rather than investigate how the heck you moved the story forward.

So think on it.  Take a look at Iron Man 2, and if you disagree with any of my comments feel free to share!  I'd love a second opinion!

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