Optimism is NOT Arrogance

Arrogance is the belief that you are BETTER than others. Optimism is the belief that you have the same CHANCE as others. We all have the chance to achieve our dreams. Don't ever let anyone tell you differently.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

It's been a whole week?

Ok, I'm slacking. Mailing it in. Coppin' out.

Well, I'm trying to get the revised version of The Timepiece Chronicles out to Caitlin again so we can press it on, AND I'm trying to code a Critique Group finder for the SCBWI Eastern PA website using Google Maps. Not as easy as I thought!

So my time has been pretty swamped, but I'm working hard, and that's all you can ask!

But I've been so busy I haven't been social networky (my new word) for a while. And really, part of me is thinking, "so what?" Well, it's a big deal if you want to be an author to reach as many people as you can, but really, to be an author you have to WRITE. And then, (as I've found out numerous times) RE-WRITE. That should always be your first focus.

Often times I'll be ready to tweet something or write something profound on Facebook, but I blank out. I have social network writer's block. Scary. I think it's just too much.

And thus I ask you to forgive me if I've been lax. I'll try to get better, but for now, I have to focus my optimism on my book and my critique finder for SCBWI - commitments and dreams that I have to be obsessive about, or else they'll never get done.

Peace out everyone, and WRITE ON!

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