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Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Rejection Letter - Hyperion

Now as Caitlin said, Hyperion is a tough nut to crack.  They pay well, but that means they're also VERY choosy - so if one little thing doesn't make the grade, the whole thing doesn't.  So you can guess they were very nitpicky.  Here's what the editor said:

Hi Caitlin,

I hope you’re doing well and enjoying this sunshine. Thanks for sending me THE TIMEPIECE CHRONICLES, which I have now had the chance to review. As we discussed over lunch all those weeks ago, I think that there is a lot of promise in the premise and I enjoyed reading Kevin’s work. There are a lot of great hooks here and I particularly appreciate the educational aspect of the story—it’s always great to slip history lessons under the radar of reluctant middle grade readers. That being said, I’m concerned that there are some inconsistencies when it comes to the time travel aspect of the plot, (though I understand that closing time travel loopholes is no easy task!). Further, I feel that the constant change in perspective, while at times humorous, disrupts the pacing and doesn’t allow the reader to get to know each character on a deeper level or to fully immerse themselves in this exciting story. For these reasons and others, it is with regret that I’m unable to make a publishing offer.

I appreciate your thinking of me, in any case, and wish you every success in finding the right publishing home for THE TIMEPIECE CHRONICLES. Please do keep me in mind for future projects; I hope that we’ll have the chance to work together soon!


  1. These letters (though not the response we're wanting to see) are interesting. The editors seem to be willing to share a bit of their insights, even with the rejection, rather than a blanket, "This one is not for me..."

    Thanks for sharing this, Kevin.

  2. Good point Mary (on both counts). This is the kind of treatment an agent gets as opposed to a cold call. When an agent writes to an editor, it's typically someone they've worked with before and have established a relationship with. Hence, when they feel they're not right for the work, the editor takes the time to explain why. Plus, it gives the agent a chance to help the writer out. Like me. With a complete re-write. Ugh...

  3. Just read your newest post. Again, not the situation you'd prefer, but (optimistically speaking) a better situation than most. You've still got your story and your own style of writing that'll surely shine through your work regardless.

    And this whole thing is so exciting from a vicarious standpoint, must say. :)


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