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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Pass - Simon & Schuster

Here's the actual rejection letter from the editor at Simon & Schuster:

"Hi there!

So I took a dip into this (tried to get to it quickly, since I was so in love with that last manuscript you sent my way!).

I think the idea and story and voice are all fun here, but to be honest, the back and forth of the two characters with one intruding on the other was jarring for me, personally. I had trouble getting fully immersed in the story when there was that ongoing voice shift.

I’m sure that’s a really subjective concern and some people might actually love it! But I’m afraid it means I’m not the right editor here.

Thanks so much for sending my way, though, and I’m really hoping we can get one together sooner than later!"

A good rejection to be sure, because the only thing holding her back was the alternative narrative, which, as Caitlin pointed out, we kinda knew going in wouldn't be for everybody.  So, no getting down on this one.  Although, the writer in me wishes for the adjective "amazing" rather than "fun".  But I'll take it...

Also note what I pointed out earlier - that this editor loved Caitlin's last submission - a good rep and good history.  Excellent signs.

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  1. It's not the worst rejection letter I've seen... I'd love to see the pile of words you're trying to publish... Maybe with a pen in hand and the loud voice of my MFA mentor barking about compression and narrative through-line... ~t


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